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    Most individuals enter into a marriage or civil union with the expectation of forever. The degree of commitment which led you to this monumental decision is strong. No one is going to shake the faith you and your partner have in your happily ever after.

    That’s probably why you didn’t concern yourselves with a prenup. Discussing the financial protection and ‘who­keeps­what” in the event of a dissolution of your marriage makes for some awkward pillow talk. However, addressing your financial concerns, come what may, is always a wise idea. Foregoing a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean you can’t form a financially protective postnuptial agreement after your legal union.

    A postnuptial contract is a legal agreement, drawn up and signed anytime after the marriage has taken place. A postnuptial, Pensacola agreement spells out exactly how the marital assets and personal property, acquired separately, or as a couple, will be dispersed in the event of a divorce. You can detail your Pensacola postnuptial agreement to include items such as spousal support and custodial arrangements for children. You can even include division of labor in the home.

    Protecting Your Family’s Future

    The purpose of a postnuptial, Pensacola agreement is multi­faceted. The obvious benefit to drawing up this sort of contractual accord while married is to avoid the disharmony that can result from an acrimonious separation. No matter how much couples desire to divide property in a fair manner, sometimes spiteful feelings change the outcome.

    If you were married previously, and there are obligations, legal and otherwise, already in place, a postnuptial is essential. In order to ensure financial protection for your children from previous marriages, your intentions should be noted, legally, in a postnuptial, Pensacola agreement, in the event of your death, or divorce.

    For those who have stepped out of the work force, to care for children, or for any number of reasons, opportunity for advancement in your career has been interrupted. By mutual agreement, you have an expectation of financial security. In that case, having a postnuptial agreement in place can protect you financially for those “services” which are beneficial to both parties, but for which no monetary compensation is considered. In other words, if you stay home to raise a family, you shouldn’t be left destitute if the marriage is dissolved.

    Finally, beyond asset protection, a postnuptial, Pensacola agreement can be sought should your marriage come under the threat of divorce, but you and your spouse desire to work things out. By signing a postnuptial agreement weighted in favor of the offended spouse (as in the case of adultery), you demonstrate a show of good faith and the desire to keep your marriage secure.

    A Necessary Conversation

    No matter the state of your union, having a conversation about money can be awkward and uncomfortable. But, there are merits to a postnuptial agreements. Having an attorney create a postnuptial agreement is the safest way to prevent discourse.

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