Kristal and Josh

To all members of Kenny Leigh and Associates:

As I approach a one year anniversary of starting Josh case ( 9/5/13)….it has been a long time coming.
The final trip to court was 7/31/14…it is finally over. Josh did not get exactly what he wanted, but I doubt anyone ever does.

What lessons did I learn from this timeshare case?

A BIG ONE : Never in a million years would I think that Mrs. Piccardi ( Emily’s mom) would be this stubborn knowing that the law would make her be fair at the end. She fought every step of the way.

#1: I should have went with Ms. Nolan’s advice and requested a temporary needs hearing

#2: I thought I knew better by requesting informal hearings…but I was wrong…trust the lawyers they have been there and done it.

#3: Once Ms. Nolan knew there was a problem in the Daytona Beach office she took the case right to Jacksonville and watched it close…she could have turned the other check and left Josh and me hanging.

#4: Once settled in with Dustin Bulger he did everything he could to watch Josh’s back, as Josh is a very quiet person and easy bullied by Mrs. Piccardi.

#5: And this is the best one….Dustin patiently answered everyone of my e mails….I am sure at times he took a deep breath…( I sent A LOT of e mails as a worried mom) but once he recovered !! A response came from him that day. Most lawyers I have dealt with over the years take DAYS to get back to you.

#6: This is a special thank you to Ms. Nolan…you know this has been a financial burden for me as I am paying the bill for Josh…as the bills climbed she took the responsibility to give my account a credit and for that generous action I will FOREVER be grateful. Now I can pick up the pieces and get on with my life. I am now free to travel knowing that Josh will get his timesharing with his daughter Emily ..something he has not had in 11 years.

Again I cannot say enough about how we have been treated by the members of Kenny Leigh and Associates…I will forever recommend them as caring lawyers in a world where lawyers tend NOT TO CARE.
Ms. Nolan and Dustin: a extra special thank you from me…a worried mother just wanting justice for my son and my granddaughter. Thank you for finding me the light at the end of the tunnel, and guiding both of us along the way.

Sincerely yours, Kristal and Josh.