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    Understanding Alimony Law in Tampa, Florida

    Many people are confused by the laws regarding alimony in Tampa, Florida. It is understandable. House proposal HB 943 would have simplified the convoluted method a great deal by providing an easy to understand and fair formula for alimony payments. But, what could have been a positive step for Florida and men’s rights failed after a bitter debate.

    As in the dissolution of many marriages, a dispute over child custody had the most acrimony. A provision championed by Senate Appropriations Chairman Tom Lee would have provided a “50­50” presumption for child custody in divorces.

    Without the passage of House proposal HB 943, the current alimony and support laws for Tampa are imprecise. The family courts, which are often heavily biased against men, have a lot of latitude in what factors are used for determining alimony.

    The courts may look at the length of the marriage, the standard of living for each party during the marriage, marital and non­-marital assets and debt, employment of each spouse, the ability of a party to pay alimony and the court’s opinion of one party’s need for support.

    With court bias and murky criteria for determining alimony payments, men need a Tampa alimony attorney who is familiar with Florida statutes and case law regarding divorce cases. They can use their knowledge and experience to develop a strong case that achieves your alimony goals.

    There are several different categories of alimony in Tampa, Florida:

    • Rehabilitative Alimony is specifically for the receiving spouse to continue their education. It has adefinitive plan and specified time period.
    • Bridge the Gap Alimony is for a short period of time while the receiving spouse regroups and getstheir life back on track.
    • Durational Alimony is most often used for long­term marriages and determines support for a limitedtime.
    • Permanent Periodic Alimony, also for long­term marriages, typically ends with the death orremarriage of the spouse receiving payments.
    • There is also the possibility of Lump Sum Alimony or a combination of any of the above.

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we work with men only. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to fight for your rights in the courtroom. For expert advice and representation in all aspects of your divorce, alimony and child custody hearings in Tampa, Florida,contact Kenny Leigh and Associates.

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