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    Men often suffer in family law cases. Male plaintiffs and defendants must deal with prejudices and assumptions from judges and jurors. Even with strong legal representation, it is often difficult to win in lower court, which is why it is important to know how to appeal a decision. If you are involved in a family lawsuit, make sure you understand:

    The Facets of Filing

    All appeals in Tampa and in other parts of Florida must be filed within 3 0 days of the original decision. You must also have a specific reason for filing the appeal, namely:

    • Fraud­ If the evidence against you was falsified, misrepresented, or otherwise tampered with, the decision is invalid.
    • Disclosure­ Family law cases often hinge on the amount of assets that each party holds. If you believe your former spouse did not disclose some of his or her assets, you can file for a new case to account for those assets.
    • Unfair Discretion­ If the judge uses his or her power in a manner that you consider unfair or prejudiced, you can question the validity of his or her ruling.
    • Procedural Problems­ If the court did not follow the required procedures, you can appeal to another court that does follow them.Appeals in Tampa are most likely to succeed if you have a plan before you have to file. Pay attention during the original trial, noting examples of possible misconduct and discussing them with your lawyer. The better you prepare, the easier it is to make a strong case.

    Tampa Techniques

    Each district has its own rules for filing appeals, and Tampa is no exception. During the appeal process, your lawyer must compile an appellate brief, usually between 10 and 50 pages in length, and deliver it to the court. Filing such briefs is often expensive and time­consuming, both for you and for your lawyer, so make sure to budget for one ahead of time.

    Kenny Leigh’s Contribution

    Kenny Leigh & Associates has the training and expertise to maximize your chances for success on appeal. We specialize in defending men’s cases, and know how to identify prejudice against men when it occurs in court. We also pay close attention to court procedures, keeping records of any mistakes that might invalidate the decision. We perform detailed research on opposing parties, making sure they disclose all assets and that all their evidence is accurate. We are committed to getting our clients the best deal possible, no matter how many times we have to appeal.

    Kenny Leigh & Associates specializes in a wide range of family law issues, including custody, alimony, visitation rights, and pre­ and post­nuptial agreements. For more information on how we can help you succeed in court, contact us today.