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    Experienced Divorce Attorneys for Men in Tampa, FL

    Divorce is a painful time in a man’s life. No matter how relieved you may be to end the marriage, the situation has a tendency to bring out the worst in former partners. Your finances are at particular risk during a divorce, too, and the more money you have, the more you stand to lose. You need a qualified, knowledgeable attorney to help you protect your assets. When you need a divorce lawyer in Tampa, look no further than Kenny Leigh & Associates.

    The Family Law Process

    Family law is a complicated process, with high stakes and emotions running high. You want to be as fair as possible in your dealings, but divorce and child custody proceedings can leave you vulnerable. You need a divorce lawyer in Tampa who has up­to­the­minute, reliable information about changes to the law and can help guide you through the process. Don’t try to learn everything on your own; it’s not possible for the average person. Choose a legal team you can trust to represent you and your interests fairly.

    Respect for Individuals

    Every family law case is different in its own way, in Tampa and everywhere else. The staff at Kenny Leigh & Associates treats you like an individual whose case is of the utmost importance to you. We find out what matters to you and what makes your case unique. Issues like non­traditional employment situations can be worked through in many cases. The important thing to remember is that we’re here for you and we’re on your side. You’re not just a case number to us.

    Why Kenny Leigh is Different

    Kenny Leigh and Associates is a different kind of law firm. For one, Kenny Leigh is a firm that serves the legal needs of men only. Men have unique needs in family law, specifically within a system that is often biased against them. When you need an attorney in Tampa for divorce, custody, or other family law related concern, the professionals you hire should be your advocates. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we feel that representing only men will keep your best interests in mind. Divorce and family law situations are complicated and you need a legal team you can trust. We’ll guide you through it with your peace of mind intact.

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