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    Family Law Attorneys for Tampa, FL

    Legal expertise matters, and not all attorneys are suitable for every legal situation. You want to be sure to hire the right lawyer for the topic being disputed so they possess the specialized knowledge needed for the task at hand.

    In Tampa, family law is a legal minefield, and with the wrong attorney, you stand to lose access to your children, personal assets and your financial freedom. Throughout Florida, and in Tampa, family law cases include:

    • Pre­ and Post­nuptials: The legal documents that protect assets you acquired before your marriage from your spouse in the event of a divorce.
    • Divorce or Separation: By far the most common family law cases, divorce and separation can lead to other legal battles in the future, especially if children are involved.
    • Child Support, Alimony and Asset Division: The only way to prevent unfair asset division or punitive support payments is with a competent attorney to present your case.
    • Father’s Rights Issues: Even years after a divorce, fathers face problems with access to their children. Don’t let a vengeful ex­ spouse infringe on your legal right to develop a relationship with your kids.

    At Kenny Leigh and Associates, protecting the rights of men in family law cases is our number one priority. We understand the unique challenges men and fathers face in family court and we are determined to get you a fair settlement in family disputes. To accomplish this goal, our firm takes a two pronged approach to client service.

    • People: It’s exceptionally rare to take a case to family court when all is well. We sympathize with the toll these cases take on your body, mind, and emotions, so we strive to create a calming environment for our clients. We won’t bombard you with legalese or bury you in forms with complicated legal jargon; instead, we strip down complicated language into terms that you can understand. This allows you to participate actively in your case, and become a part of the team. In addition, every member of our firm is personable, encouraging you to ask questions and seek guidance in your case and will respond promptly to calls or email.
    • The Law: In Tampa, family law changes constantly, as judges issue new rulings and the laws evolve. Our attorneys spend countless hours in seminars and in-­house training sessions to stay abreast of the latest developments in family law, sharpening our skills and giving our team the best legal foundation to advocate your case.

    Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today to gain an experienced partner in the courtroom who understands the nuances of the law and isn’t intimidated by a legal system that puts men at a disadvantage in family court.