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    Fathers Rights Protection in Tampa, FL

    Fathers rights are a very important part of what we do here at Kenny Leigh & Associates because all things being equal, the courts will usually decide in favor of the mother. This is because mothers have long been considered the most important caregivers, but there are many situations in which the child would best be nurtured by the father. At the bare minimum, fathers should have the right to have an equal and participatory role in raising their children, and plenty of unrestricted access to care for them, teach them and nurture them.

    What is Right For Your Child?

    You want the very best for your child and our goal is to demonstrate that to the courts. We do this by proving the following:

    • That a child’s relationship with the father is just as important as their relationship with their mother.
    • That the father is not only willing to take care of his children, but he is just as capable (and in many cases more capable) than the mother.
    • That the father contributes financial support, love, guidance, discipline and a  host of other benefits to their children.
    • The the environment provided by the father is just as healthy for the child as the environment that the mother has provided.

    If you think that you’ll be at a disadvantage when it comes to custody hearings after a divorce, we’ll stand up for fathers rights and help you get an equal and fair amount of time with your children, and the opportunity to care for them. We want to change the current image that fathers have of being less able caregivers than the mother and that happens one case at a time.