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    The Importance of Hidden Assets in a Divorce in Tampa, FL

    The only way that a divorce settlement is going to be fair is when all assets are listed and out in the open. When hidden assets are involved in a divorce, it usually means that the person hiding them does not want the settlement to be fair. But knowing what hidden assets are – and more importantly – how to look for them – is a job that requires a professional team with experience in hidden assets.

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates in Tampa, FL, we work exclusively with men on these type of cases and we’re committed to getting you what you have coming to you. That means that our expert team of asset investigation specialists will work to uncover secret, hidden assets such as:

    • Bank accounts that are under a different name, anonymous or have been disguised and not listed in the divorce.
    • Cash assets that are temporarily hidden or not disclosed.
    • Debt listings that are no longer valid, or are completely fictional in some cases.
    • Expensive items like jewelry, vehicles, boats, clothing and more that are not being disclosed.
    • Property that exists under a business name, or another name that allows it to be overlooked during a divorce.
    • Benefits, payments or annuities: These things might be easy to conceal and that makes them popular to leave out of asset statements.
    • Antiques, collections, unusual items and anything else that would be able to be sold are all easily  hidden assets that our experts can find out about.
    • Types of income received other than from employment, or misrepresented employment income.

    There are many different ways for hidden assets in a divorce to be found out and disclosed, but it takes experts with experience in looking. We help men every day ensure that asset disclosures are transparent and honest as well as help with many of the other aspects of your divorce. We want you to get what you deserve and we’ll work hard to make it happen.