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    Mediation Attorney for Men Serving Tampa, FL

    There is a myth out there that all divorces are messy, ugly affairs. This does not have to be the case. It is true that a courtroom battle can get ugly with each side trying to score points with the judge. There is another way. Mediation is a process that produces a legally binding divorce agreement without the courtroom drama. At the Tampa offices of Kenny Leigh & Associates, you can find an experienced mediation attorney for men who can help you prepare for this process.

    How Mediation Works
    In mediation, you and your spouse sit down with a neutral third-party. This third-party is not a judge who can dictate the terms of the divorce. The goal of the mediator is to bring both sides together so that important issues and concerns can be aired. The mediator helps the couple to craft an arrangement that both spouses can live with. In Tampa, Florida law requires a few mediation sessions before going to divorce court so you will need to prepare for mediation even if you and your spouse are not able to resolve your differences and need to go to trial.

    Benefits of Mediation
    A mediation attorney for men can help you come to a fair agreement with your spouse. Mediation has many benefits:

    • It protects your children from feeling like pawns in the courtroom process.
    • It gives you control over what concessions you make. In court, the judge has complete control.
    • It is confidential. Trials are public, and the details of your life become a matter of public record.
    • Mediation is faster and almost always less expensive than a trial.

    If you are considering divorce in Tampa, mediation is good alternative to a trial. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we recognize the difficulties that men face in divorce proceedings and mediation. We can provide a mediation attorney for men to help you guide you to a fair resolution. Contact us today for a consultation.