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    Understanding Prenuptial Agreements in Tampa, FL

    If you are considering getting married in the Tampa, FL area you may be concerned about protecting all of the hard work you have put into place. Establishing an agreement with your soon to be spouse in regards to finance can ease some of these concerns.

    Prenuptial Agreements in Tampa

    A prenuptial agreement is an agreement made between two parties prior to entering into marriage or a civil union. The agreement is put into place to protect both parties financial assets in the case of separation or divorce.

    Why Prenuptial Agreements Are a Good Idea

    Whether both parties have assets to protect, or one party holds a significant amounts of assets, a prenuptial agreement is a good idea. Marriages don’t always go as planned and things can go wrong, leaving yourself unprotected from financial ruin is never a good decision.

    Even if your marriage doesn’t deteriorate having an agreement in place when it comes to financial matters may actually help your marriage work more harmoniously. Finances are often a big issue in marriages and couples can find themselves arguing about who is responsible for bank accounts, bills, and assets. You can eliminate this struggle by clearly defining how the assets should be divided throughout the marriage.

    When you correctly establish a prenuptial agreement in Tampa, FL you will establish:

    • Guidelines for Spousal Support
    • Guidelines for Child Custody and and Support Payments
    • The Division of Assets, Property and Liabilities
    • What Will Happen in the Case of Adultery

    Signing Prenuptial Agreements in Tampa

    If you are considering putting a prenuptial agreement in place you will need to make sure that it is completed correctly. The state of Florida requires that all prenuptials must be written and properly notarized and that both parties are in agreement when it comes to what is written into the agreement. Both couples must sign the agreement and the agreement will only be put into place once a marriage occurs.

    If you would like to make sure that your financial assets are protected, contact the team at Kenny Leigh & Associates where our experienced team of attorneys will work to make sure that men are protected both during marriage and in the case of divorce.