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    A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) is an alternate way of making payments in an alimony or child support case. However, the QDRO is not something that everyone can do by choice: it must be approved by a Tampa court.

    A QDRO is a document in which a judge decides that someone else should be authorized to receive payments on behalf of the person to whom they’re issued. For example, if the payments are supposed to go to children, a QDRO could authorize the funds to be paid to a guardian for the child instead.

    A QDRO only requires that a legal judgment is in place in Tampa, but doesn’t necessarily require that a divorce has taken place. A judge just has to approve of the plan.

    A QDRO can be the best option in circumstances when child support needs to be established without a formal divorce agreement. It must contain the contact information for the alternate payee, the dollar amount or percentage that should go to the payee, and for how many payments it should apply. A QDRO can be a temporary or permanent order, depending on the circumstances.

    Deciding how and when a QDRO should be issued is an issue you need to discuss with a qualified family law attorney who is willing to work to represent your best interests. Kenny Leigh and Associates are the men’s only law firm that will help you get the fair deal you deserve.