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    Legal Separation Attorneys in Tampa, FL

    Are you concerned that your marriage is not working out and considering legal separation? At Kenny, Leigh and Associates, we help men in the Tampa area with family law issues. Our legal separation attorneys can assist you in creating a fair arrangement with your spouse for separation.

    Legal Separation in Tampa
    Florida is one of only eight states that does not officially recognize legal separation. There are, however, legal arrangements that you can make to live apart from your spouse while still married. One such legal action is called “Support Unconnected with the Dissolution of a Marriage.” In this action, the court approves the terms under which the couple will live apart. Another option is to create a formal contract that spells out the conditions that will govern the separated couple’s relationship.

    These agreements may cover many important issues including:

    • Spousal support, or alimony.
    • Child support.
    • Child custody.

    If you chose to move forward with a divorce, the court will reevaluate these arrangements. They are only intended to be effective while a couple remains married but lives apart.

    We Can Help
    Family courts in Tampa can be biased against the interests of men. Our legal separation attorneys can help you prevent this bias. In many cases, you may be entitled to spousal support or custody of your children. You don’t need to give up on these issues right from the start.

    There are many reasons that people chose legal separation. Some people have religious reasons, while others simply want to get some space so things can cool off. Often legal separation is a temporary state that is intended as a first step to divorce. Whatever your reason, at Kenny, Leigh and Associates, we can help craft a fair agreement with your spouse. Contact our legal separation attorneys in Tampa for a consultation today.