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    Protection Orders for Men in Tampa, FL

    The typical image of a spousal abuser isn’t female. However, thousands of men in Tampa fall victim to domestic violence every day. A man facing physical or mental abuse, harassment or bullying, deserves the same protection as a woman. At Kenny Leigh & Associates in Tampa, FL, we exclusively represent men. We understand family issues and know the steps to take to obtain protection orders for men dealing with an abusive partner. If you’re having trouble putting your ego aside because of societal norms and stereotypes, keep the well-being of your children foremost in mind.

    How to Obtain a Protective Order

    Protection orders can be tricky to obtain, unless you and your attorneys are diligent in obtaining and providing solid evidence. The courts will carefully examine your case to ensure you’re not just an angry spouse trying to take revenge on an unfit spouse. It’s important to put aside feelings of embarrassment or inadequacy when the safety of you and your children is at stake. Protection orders for men are not issued lightly, but by covering your bases you can protect your family.

    • Provide evidence of a specific event
    • Document specific details of each incident of abuse
    • Provide solid evidence of any threats
    • Provide a detailed history of abusive behavior

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    Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates of Tampa, FL, today to learn more about obtaining a protection order. We serve men only and understand exactly what you’re going through.