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    Family Law Appeal Services for Men in Boca Raton, FL

    Are you unhappy with the court’s final judgement in your divorce or family law case? Do you feel that your rights were trampled on and the outcome is unjust? It’s not too late — you have the legal right to appeal the courts’ decisions.

    Appeals in Divorce Cases and Family Law

    Going through a divorce case or a family law case can be extremely draining, so many people usually want it to be over as soon as possible. This often leads to overlooked and misrepresented information that might result in flawed court decisions. Moreover, the court in Boca Raton and the rest of the state is generally biased towards women, making it harder for men like you to receive a fair judgement.

    If you disagree with a court decision, appealing your case might ensure a better result and it could be the best thing you do for your future.

    Reasons for Appeals

    Merely disagreeing with the final judgement isn’t reason enough to appeal your case. An appeal is a process that reviews the issues of law that applies to your case and ensures that nothing was overlooked or misrepresented.

    Some valid grounds for the appeal of a divorce ruling or family law ruling include:

    • Fraud
    • Hidden assets
    • Procedural errors
    • Abuse of discretion by the Judge

    In Boca Raton and the rest of the state of Florida, an appeal must be filed within 30 days of the final judgement of a family law case. Also, the appeal process is very complex and requires extensive legal knowledge at the appellate level. It is very important to act fast, with an attorney who is an expert at appellate law.

    Get Help From an Appellate Attorney Now

    Since it’s best to move fast when making an appeal, its imperative to contact an appellate attorney as soon as you realize that the final ruling on your case is wrongful.

    Contact Kenny Leigh & Associates immediately to start the appeal process, which can be very complicated. There are many rules and deadlines that must be met for an appeal to be successful. We’ll tell you whether you have the grounds for an appeal, review your trial records, draw up legal briefs, send in all the required information and documents to the appellate courts, and most importantly of all, make sure you don’t lose your appellate rights.

    If you’re seriously considering an appeal, contact our attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates today so we can get started.