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    Child Custody Legal Services in Boca Raton, FL



    Fathers Deserve Equal Treatment

    Facing a child custody dispute? Then you know how important it is to have a quality legal team on your side. As a father, it’s imperative to make the strongest case possible to receive custody, since the Boca Raton court is biased in favor of mothers. To ensure the best outcome for you and your children’s future, work with the experts at Kenny Leigh & Associates.

    Just because you’re a man, you’re going to face many challenges during your child custody proceedings. Statistics show that men pay a medium of $3,600 annually to support their children after a divorce, while women pay a lower medium of $2,400 per year.

    Also, if you want to receive full custody of your children, you’re in for a difficult battle. To succeed at receiving full custody, you’ll need to prove that the mother is unfit, which is hard to do and can result in expensive and lengthy court proceedings.

    We at Kenny Leigh & Associates are prepared to fight for you and your children. We’ve been beating the status quo with our relentless case work and extensive knowledge in child custody laws.

    Three Types of Child Custody

    There are three main types of custody and it’s important to understand each one before you begin your child custody proceedings. They are:

    1. Joint custody: Both parents share custody, but the child’s primary residence will be with only one parent.
    2. Sole custody: One of the parents has legal custody, while the other might get visitation rights.
    3. Shared custody: Both parents share custody and residential arrangements equally.

    Generally, most judges prefer joint custody, while many parents aim for sole custody. Shared custody is not looked upon as favorable by the court because many children end up feeling shuffled between two homes.

    Expert Representation Is Your Best Chance

    The courts in Boca Raton and the rest of the country often side with the mother in child custody cases. Many fathers are granted visitation, but they don’t often receive primary custody.

    To ensure your best chance at getting the outcome you want in your child custody case, get expert legal representation that will fight for your rights as a father. Contact us at Kenny Leigh & Associates at (904) 541-1252 today for your initial consultation.