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    Child Support Attorneys for Men in Boca Raton, FL

    Providing Children With the Support They Need From Our Offices in Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Boca Raton, Tampa, Ft. Walton Beach, Pensacola, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


    As a father, you naturally want your kids to have everything that they need. Many divorce settlements result in the father being legally required to pay child support. Men often shoulder the burden of child support because they were the primary wage earners during the marriage.

    We at Kenny Leigh & Associates work hard to protect the rights of the fathers of Boca Raton in issues of child support. Our main goal is to make sure that they are not being taken advantage of in child support cases.

    Financial Hardships and Changes Following a Divorce

    A divorce tends to result in major transitions for everyone involved. All these changes should be taken into account when child support responsibilities are being determined. However, many men in Boca Raton end up paying more than they need to or afford to. That’s why the attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates focus only on working with male clients, so to provide them with first-rate legal protection and to make certain that the support rulings are fair.

    Protecting the Relationship Between the Father and His Children

    A father’s highest priority is his children. Child support can ensure a good future for a child, but the process of determining child support can be harmful to a father and his relationship with his children if proper legal representation is not in place. In some cases, the father finds himself unable to see his children unless he pays unfairly high child support costs. A financial ruling should not result in a father being removed from his children’s lives.

    Experienced Legal Representation for Fathers

    We at Kenny Leigh & Associates believe that fathers have rights and they should not be abused by the court in matters of child support. Fathers can be harmed both financially and emotionally if they are required to pay more than they can afford.

    If you’re a father in Boca Raton and you need legal representation for your child support case, contact us at Kenny Leigh & Associates for more information on how we can help.