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    Fathers Rights Protection in Boca Raton, FL

    The Importance of Fathers Rights

    In Boca Raton and the rest of the state of Florida, fathers rights aren’t as valued as they should be in the courtroom. We at Kenny Leigh & Associates strongly believe that every father should have the right to have an important role in the raising of his children.

    Bias Against Fathers in Custody Proceedings

    There is a strong bias in favor of mothers in custody cases. Many mothers are being granted custody just because they are seen as the primary caregivers of children. This worldview ignores fathers rights.

    The attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates has made it their mission to protect fathers rights. We will work hard to show the court that a father’s support is vital in a child’s life and that support should not be limited to only financial support.

    The Child’s Best Interests in Custody Arrangements

    The purpose of a child custody case is to find a custody agreement that meets the best interests of the child. Our attorneys aim to show the court that their clients are fathers who are capable of:

    • Providing their child with a secure environment at home.
    • Supporting their child in all ways, both emotionally and financially.
    • Being involved with their child’s school, friendships, and other aspects of their lives.
    • Being a positive influence on the child.

    There have been too many custody cases in which the father would have been the better caregiver for a child, but the court bias towards mothers resulted in a wrongful decision. We at Kenny Leigh & Associates aim to change this trend and strive to provide expert legal representation to the men and fathers of Boca Raton.

    If you feel that your rights as a man and a father is being ignored in your court case, contact us at Kenny Leigh & Associates to talk about your situation and how we can help.