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    Mediation Attorney for Men in Boca Raton, FL

    What exactly is mediation? Simply put, it is a legal process that allows two parties to settle a dispute outside of a courtroom. If you’re looking to seek a divorce, this can be especially useful. This is because divorce proceedings are typically complicated and frustrating and this is doubled when children are involved. But with the help of a neutral third party, such as Kenny Leigh & Associates in Boca Raton, for normally what are considered emotionally charged disputes, things can go over smoothly.

    Benefits of Mediation

    If you’re in Boca Raton and looking to have an amicable and uncomplicated separation then the benefits of mediation far outweigh the ones when you involve the court. Courtroom proceedings can take years to complete and directly affect your personal life but with the help of a skilled Boca Raton mediation attorney, you can ensure that both parties are heard fairly and these decisions are made with you and your family’s best interests.

    Importance of Mediation for Men

    Mediation is especially important for men because men are typically not favored by the court when it comes to divorce proceedings. Kenny Leigh & Associates in Boca Raton provides a mediation attorney for men so they don’t experience this bias in a frustrating court proceeding. By only accepting male clients, our attorneys can provide the legal representation you need.

    Mediation Law in Florida

    Because of the large influx of divorce proceedings already flooding the court system, the state of Florida requires mediation sessions prior to entering the courtroom. This allows for an outside party to effectively and professionally handle the case and provide a very neutral perspective when the two other parties involved are already very emotionally invested.

    Mediation is crucial for any divorce proceeding and the attorneys in Boca Raton at the offices of Kenny Leigh & Associates can ensure the best legal representation for you.