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    Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys for Men in Boca Raton, FL

    Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are very similar in that each allows the parties in a marriage to have set rights, duties and obligations. But the primary difference is that a prenuptial agreement is created before the marriage, and as the name suggests, postnuptial agreement is created after the couple has married.

    Postnuptial Agreements Save Marriages in Boca Raton

    Couples experiencing troubles and happen to be considering divorce within the Boca Raton area are most often seeing differences in financial obligations and responsibilities. While it may seem counter productive to have postnuptial agreements, this legal documentation can actually improve the state of the marriage. Many marriages see a recovery once the responsibilities of the spouses have been clearly defined. The attorneys at the Boca Raton offices of Kenny Leigh & Associates can draft an agreement that helps remove the strain from your marriage caused by financial miscommunication.

    Protecting Men in Boca Raton Through Postnuptial Agreements

    In the event of an divorce, most men see a bias in their income potential and typically receive a higher financial burden compared to their spouse. This is an assumption that can make divorce proceedings extra difficult or even helping repair a marriage. Because of this bias, the attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates work exclusively with male clients to help achieve fair and just rulings. The best way to achieve this and remove bias is by proper and equal representation in Boca Raton during the whole postnuptial drafting process and agreements.

    Save Money With the Help of a Postnuptial Agreement

    Separating and going through a divorce is already a very stressful time and adding on the burden of finances can make it understandably even more difficult. However, it is still crucial that you take the steps now that are going to protect you, and your family, in the future.

    You have the option of letting the process run its course through the court system, but the results can include a much longer divorce process, higher costs, increased attorney fees, and in extreme cases there is no control on possible alimony payments. But with a postnuptial agreement you can lower the time spent in court and save thousands on court fees as well as coming to amicable terms and agreements with the other party.

    If you are interested in having an experienced family law professional help you draft an agreement that will safeguard your financial future, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates today in Boca Raton.