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    Protection Orders for Men in Boca Raton, FL

    As a man living in Boca Raton looking to further divorce proceedings, you might be wrongly accused of aggression or even abuse toward your family when the courtroom is involved so the other party can have a more favorable outcome. Despite this assumption, women can be just as capable of having a dominant role in such situations. And this is where a protection order can come into play. The purpose of a protection order is to protect an individual from:

    • Cases of domestic violence
    • Assault and battery
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Stalking
    • Harassment
    • Any type of physical harm

    While many women use these orders more commonly, they are provided to both genders with no law or rule stating only people playing a victim role in a divorce or separation can only request for protection.

    How Men Benefit from Protective Orders in Florida

    If you’re a Boca Raton man who feels that is being harmed or threatened, a protection order will provide a restraining order. In many cases, men feel that the masculine thing to do is to provide their own defense and security without the help of a legal order, but this isn’t the best action legally. If the spouse is the one committing the offense, seeking out a protection order prior to a divorce can even provide grounds for a divorce as well.

    Hiring Legal Representation for your Protective Order

    Regardless, these legal injunctions are not granted lightly by the court system, especially in Boca Raton. In order to receive coverage of a protection order, you will need to provide clear evidence that you have been harmed or that you are threatened. The family law attorneys at Boca Raton based Kenny Leigh & Associates will help you accurately document:

    • A specific occurrence or occurrences
    • Detailed information and history of abuse or threats
    • Evidence of current threats