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Are you a man currently in need of a divorce attorney in Florida and are unsure of where to turn? Family law is an aspect of the legal profession that is, for obvious reasons, intensely personal. Divorce and other family law disputes need to be dealt with sensitivity, care and the proper approach to minimize the risk for potential long­term negative consequences. Clients involved in family law disputes need both personal and professional support through times that are highly emotional, but also require calm and reasoned decision ­making.

At the law offices of Kenny Leigh and Associates, we proudly believe that our men only firm is among the most knowledgeable family law firm in Florida. When it comes to dealing with family law issues such as divorce, alimony, child custody  or support, hidden assets, as well as division of assets and liabilities, we understand the legal system and how to protect the rights of men. We focus on family law because we believe families matter. Couples facing divorce in Florida often forget the legal matters involved. Our firm focuses on men only because we believe men deserve to have their rights protected even though the legal obstacles are not in their favor. It’s important to have a strong legal team backing you up and protecting your rights during your divorce, alimony and child custody case. If you are facing any of these family legal matters, the time to act is now. Contact a divorce attorney in Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Ormond Beach, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Ft. Walton Beach, Pensacola, or Ft. Lauderdale, FL today.

We hold all of our attorneys and paralegals to a higher standard of family law training than what is required by the Florida Bar. Our training includes two annual seminars, a quarterly “in-­house” seminar, along with weekly case specific updates. Our clients at Kenny Leigh and Associates have the benefit of a multitude of family law attorneys as well as a complete staff that are dedicated to their family law case. We are committed to providing the best client care while advancing our client’s case to achieve a swift and fair resolution. Read More….

Bounce Back Book

Bounce Back: Tips to help men navigate family law

Written by Kenny Leigh

Divorce can be horrible. For most people, it’s the most stressful event in their lives —more stressful than the death of a family member. And not only is the experience itself often loathsome, but the consequences of terminating a marriage can be devastating. Divorce has permanently damaged the careers, net worth and valued relationships of countless men. If you are looking at this book, you are likely about to enter the most trying and difficult phase of your life. And if your case is not handled properly, you've got a lot to lose.

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    Mr.Kenny Leigh, My name is Michael and I have been represented by your firm, specifically David Merritt and his team, since February of 2013. I was recommended by Karen Fulton, a licensed marriage counselor locally who was seeing my former wife and I when the initial breakdown began,and she had nothing but good things to …Read More

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    To all members of Kenny Leigh and Associates: As I approach a one year anniversary of starting Josh case ( 9/5/13)….it has been a long time coming. The final trip to court was 7/31/14…it is finally over. Josh did not get exactly what he wanted, but I doubt anyone ever does. What lessons did I …Read More

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