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Florida Laws on Child Support

At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we work to protect the fathers of Florida and ensure that their rights as a father are not being abused or mistreated.

As a father, you of course want your child to always have everything that he or she may need. In most divorce settlements, in order to keep the child in the lifestyle to which they’ve grown accustomed, the father is often required to pay child support. This responsibility frequently falls to the men because they are more often the primary wage earners in the marriage.

Addressing Financial Hardships and Changes After Divorce

In the face of a divorce, everyone involved experiences major transitions. After the divorce, the father may need to change his living arrangement, take on additional financial burdens, and may even change jobs. It is crucial that these factors be taken into account when determining child support responsibilities. Due to a cultural bias, men are vulnerable to paying much more child support in Florida than they actually need to pay, or can afford to pay. The family law attorneys work with men only in order to provide excellent legal protection and ensure that the support rulings are fair and reasonable.

Preserving the Relationship Between Father and Child

The highest priority for any father is that their children have everything they need. The need for fathers to make child support payments is often necessary and perfectly acceptable. However, men need proper legal representation to ensure the process is handled fairly and properly. If the father’s perspective or financial situation is misconstrued, the child can become a pawn that is used against the father. Suddenly, the father finds himself denied access to his loved ones if he can’t meet an unfairly high monetary price. This can be emotionally damaging for every party involved. Financial rulings should not remove a father from a child’s life.

Providing Fathers with Experienced Legal Representation

At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we are certainly not advocating that men should not pay child support. We simply work aggressively to ensure that the rights of fathers in Florida are not abused. A man can become financially and emotionally devastated if required to pay more support than he can afford. Our attorneys work to ensure that fathers are treated fairly, and children receive the financial support they need.

If you are a father in Florida in need of child support legal representation, contact Kenny Leigh & Associate to learn more about how we can help.

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Divorce can be horrible. For most people, it’s the most stressful event in their lives —more stressful than the death of a family member. And not only is the experience itself often loathsome, but the consequences of terminating a marriage can be devastating. Divorce has permanently damaged the careers, net worth and valued relationships of countless men. If you are looking at this book, you are likely about to enter the most trying and difficult phase of your life. And if your case is not handled properly, you’ve got a lot to lose.