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Divorce Laws in Florida

Are you a man in Jacksonville Florida, that’s facing divorce? Turn to the legal team at Kenny Leigh & Associates to help ensure you get everything you deserve. As a husband and father, you’re up against some serious, legal obstacles as the money and custody often goes to the woman. For this reason, it’s important that you have the right legal team backing you up. The lawyers at Kenny Leigh & Associates have years of experience in handling divorcealimony, and child custody cases throughout North & South Florida.

Don’t Face Divorce Alone

In the state of Florida, it’s difficult for men to get out of a marriage without losing their investments. It’s no surprise that such loss can affect a man. In fact, some statistics show divorced men are eight times more likely than divorced women to commit suicide. And men without wives are twice as likely to suffer depression and heart attacks. With Kenny Leigh & Associates, you’re never alone. Our expert Jacksonville divorce attorneys are there with you every step of the way to ensure you get what you need during such a difficult time in your life.

What’s Next for You

Although this time of your life can be overwhelming, it can also be the start of a new adventure. Going through a divorce doesn’t mean the end of your life, but the start of something new. To enjoy this next part of your life, it’s important to ensure you get everything you deserve you live comfortably. Life after divorce is what you make of it – that’s where we come in. We fight for your rights as a father, a husband, and a man. We take every opportunity we can to get your voice heard in the courtroom. Gone are the days that men no longer have rights when it comes to children and divorce – we make sure of that.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

When you’re facing divorce, the time to act is now. It’s important to have the right legal team standing beside you when things start to get technical. As a man, you’re already up against so many walls – we help break down those barriers to get you what you need from your divorce. This is a hard enough time in your life, make it easier by relying on us to handle all of your legal services, including divorce, alimony, child support, and child custody. We are your complete family law team specializing in men’s rights.

Bounce Back: Tips to help men navigate family law

Written by Kenny Leigh
All cases cited in this book are Florida cases and should not be considered advice for any other state.

Divorce can be horrible. For most people, it’s the most stressful event in their lives —more stressful than the death of a family member. And not only is the experience itself often loathsome, but the consequences of terminating a marriage can be devastating. Divorce has permanently damaged the careers, net worth and valued relationships of countless men. If you are looking at this book, you are likely about to enter the most trying and difficult phase of your life. And if your case is not handled properly, you’ve got a lot to lose.