Father’s Rights Protection

We Protect Father’s Rights in Florida

Understanding the Importance of Father’s Rights

The state of father’s rights in Florida leaves much to be desired. Throughout family law proceedings, such as child custody cases, the rights of the father can go ignored or placed a low priority. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we believe that it is very important that each and every father realize that he has the right to play an influential role in the development of his child. There are many great dads out there who deserve to have effective and aggressive legal representation, and our attorneys are proud to provide solutions to these men.

The Bias Faced by Father’s in Custody Proceedings

For the far too long, father’s rights in Florida have been diminished due to an unfair bias. In majority of custody cases, mothers are granted custody of the children because mothers are seen more often as stable caregivers. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we understand the crucial role a father plays in a child’s upbringing, and how important it is that a father have access to his children. Our mission is to protect father’s rights by demonstrating effectively to the court that it would be in the child’s best interest to receive actual support from the father, and not just financial support.

The Best Interest of the Child

The purpose of any child custody case is to determine a custody agreement that is in the best interest of the child. Our family law attorneys work closely with father’s in order to prove that they are capable of providing for their child:

  • Safe, stable, and dependable home environment
  • Supportive relationship where the child’s needs are the highest priority
  • Active involvement in school, friendships, and other personal interests of the child
  • Dependable financial support
  • A positive influence as the child develops

There are many circumstances in which a child would be better cared for under the guidance and guardianship of a father, but the father’s rights are nonetheless diminished. Our goal is to correct this wrong and provide the great men and father’s of Florida with the legal representation they need to receive the access to their children that they deserve.

If you feel that your rights as a father are being threatened or diminished in any way, contact Kenny Leigh & Associates to find out how we can improve your situation.

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Written by Kenny Leigh
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