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    Child Support Attorneys for Men in Fleming Island, FL


    Invested fathers want their children to have everything they may need. During a divorce case in Fleming Island, keeping the child’s routine and structure is important. Child support helps sustain that continuity. Statistically and traditionally, child support obligations are typically placed on the father because he may earn more and may not have sole or shared custody.

    Kenny Leigh & Associates works on behalf of fathers in Fleming Island and protecting their interests. We help make sure that child support is correctly and fairly distributed to the people that matter most — the children.

    Post-Divorce Financial Difficulties and Obstacles

    Life after divorce involves adjustment and finding a way to sustain living comfortably can be a challenge. It is not uncommon for men to revise their budgets, relocate to a more affordable home or find different employment to accommodate the changes that follow divorce. It is important for the court to understand these financial hardships so that it is factored into the determination of how much child support should be paid. There are many instances where court-ordered child support was excessive and unaffordable. Our firm ensures that the court understands the fiscal realities of a struggling father so that child support obligations can actually be met.

    Maintaining Father-Child Relationships

    Caring fathers met their children’s needs and will find a way to provide for their children, including paying child support. Still, fathers need effective legal counsel to make sure child support obligations are fair and reasonable. Negative consequences often befall well-meaning fathers that fall behind in child. The other parent, or child support recipient, may drag the father back to court and petition for subsequent penalties to be placed on the father. Unrealistic support amounts, loss of license privileges and other fallout could prove detrimental, denying fathers the chance to support their children or spend time with them.

    Legal Representation for Fathers’ Rights

    Kenny Leigh & Associates encourage fathers to support their children and will help make sure it can be done fairly and reasonably. A father that is able to contribute to his children’s well-being is ideal and this helps children grow and prosper.

    Fathers in Fleming Island that need legal advice or representation regarding child support should contact Kenny Leigh & Associates right away.