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    Child Support Attorneys for Men in Ft. Walton Beach, FL


    As a father in Ft. Walton Beach, there is no doubt that you want to provide the best for your children. However, you should also be aware that there is cultural and legal bias toward women in child support cases. Fathers often wind up paying far more child support than they should. There is nothing wrong with getting legal help to ensure that your child support payments are fair and just. Kenny Leigh & Associates of Ft. Walton Beach can help you establish suitable and fair child support arrangements.

    The Combination of Divorce and Child Support

    Divorce is a huge transition for all those involved. Fathers, in particular, may have to find new living arrangements and even change jobs. Adding child support onto this can be a huge burden. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we want to help fathers do the right thing by supporting their children. But we also want to provide protection against taking on too much of a burden. Often, the courts will favor the needs of the mother and overlook the father’s needs in the proceeding. We can help prevent that for your case in Ft. Walton Beach.

    Preserving the Bond Between Father and Child

    Taking care of your children should be your first priority. Paying child support is a good start at preserving your bond with your children. However, you don’t want your children to be used as pawns against you. If you don’t have good legal representation, your financial situation can be misrepresented and you will wind up paying more than may be required for the good of your children. Then if you cannot meet this burden, you will be denied access to your children. Taking on more financial responsibility than necessary can lead to emotional turmoil for years to come.

    At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we fight for fathers to make sure that they are doing their duty to their children without losing their shirts in the process. We can help you establish fair child support arrangements in your case. Contact us today for a consultation.